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Formosan Beard Grass 14 Oz 台灣油芒(400g)

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Formosan Beard Grass is a species endemic to Taiwan belonging to the Poaceae family. According to research, the Austronesian language family was domesticated from wild oil awn. It took root in Taiwan and became one of the staple foods of the tribe, but it disappeared on the island for more than 60 years until In recent years, domestic scholars and research teams have rediscovered the original seed for restoration.

In the past, the Formosan Beard Grass was widely grown all over Taiwan, and different tribes had different names. The Rukai people called it "Lalumai", the Paiwan people called it "Ljumay", and the Bunun elders used to call it "Dill". Documents and specimens of the ruling era can be found in records. However, due to the small and hard grains of oil awn, the taste is not as good as that of rice and millet, and the large number of fine hairs on the tip of the awn will make people itchy and unbearable.

According to research, awn grains have very considerable nutrients, and are high in fat, protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium. As the name suggests, the oil awn itself is also rich in oil. The volume of the embryo accounts for more than 1/3 of the seed, and it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, as well as tryptophan, lysine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid, serine, etc. Amino acid, mixed with white rice and cooked together, can supplement the nutrients that are not enough in refined rice.

What's even more surprising is that arborvitae is a marginal crop that is resistant to drought, humidity and salinity. It can be planted on barren land and can grow wild without much watering. It has become a popular crop in a warming climate. The "Super Future Food" that is valued.

The Formosan Beard Grass we introduced came from Taitung. In cooperation with the Bunun farmers of the tribe, the road to restoration is full of challenges and unpredictable changes. There will be ants and crickets to eat during the seedling raising and transplanting period, and at the mature period, there will be sparrows and white-rumped magpie robins competing for food; due to the method of spreading by different areas, the Formosan Beard Grass cannot mature at the same time in the whole area, and must all rely on manpower one by one. Harvested on the ground, so the harvest yield is still very small at this stage.

The Formosan Beard Grass itself has no significant odor, but has a slightly elegant taste similar to buckwheat, and has a fine-grained taste like red quinoa. It is recommended that it be added to white rice for cooking, or it can also be added appropriately when making rice cakes to enrich its taste and nutrients.


○ Ingredient: Formosan Beard Grass
○ Weight: 400 grams / Approx. 14 Oz
○ Place of Origin: Taiwan
○ Shelf life: 1 year
○ Storage method: Refrigerated storage is recommended after purchase



過去油芒在台灣各地普遍皆有種植,各部族間有不同名稱,魯凱族稱「Lalumai」,排灣族稱為 「Ljumay」,布農族的耆老則慣以「Dill」稱之,在日治時代的文獻和標本都可找到記載。但因油芒的穀粒小而硬,口感不如稻米、小米,加上芒尖大量的細毛在處理時會讓人搔癢難耐,隨著歷史的發展,以及飲食主流的移轉,讓油芒逐漸退下糧食舞台,消失在部落田裡。






○ 成分:油芒
○ 重量:400公克
○ 產地:台灣
○ 保存期限:1年
○ 保存方式:購買後建議冷藏保存

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