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Sanrio Hello Kitty My Melody Family Disney Winnie the Pooh Peanuts Snoopy Shiba Cats Mask Mini Fragrance Patch Stickers Set

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Sanrio Hello Kitty Disney Winnie the Pooh Peanuts Snoopy Mask Mini Fragrance Patch Stickers Set

Wearing a mask takes your breath away? Would you like to try the mask fragrance patch?
The mask fragrance stickers can prevent drool odor from wearing the mask all day long~!
Get the complete set to help you stay safe and sound all day long!

Mask Mini Fragrance Patch Stickers
Using 3M adhesive, super sticky
Lemony fragrance lasts 6-8 hours
Eessential oil volatilization
Indoor about 12-24 hours
Outdoor about 8-12 hours
Can be attached to the outside of the mask, clothes, bags, air outlets, etc.
Zipper bag design, easy to carry when going out!

Our mask stickers have passed the test of Taiwan's SGS without eight heavy metals, and the protection is doubled
Added British Soil Society Certified Organic Essential Oil, Botanical Formula Lemongrass Mint Antibacterial
Made of high-density breathable non-woven non-toxic material, with 3m adhesive

If there is no special note about the flavor, it's MINT by default.

Tear off the outer packaging of the aluminum bag and the adhesive on the sticker, the sticker is used on the surface of the mask, and it is not used for environmental medicines
Storage method: This product is a volatile plant essential oil, which can be stored at 20 degrees to 28 degrees, please do not place it in the sun or in the car at high temperature.

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