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Sheng Xiang Zhen

Sheng Xiang Zhen Dr.Q Juniper Jelly Grape/Mango/Lychee/Passion Fruit/Salted Lemon 9.3Oz / Honey Plum New Flavor 8Oz 盛香珍Dr.Q蒟蒻果凍-(葡萄/芒果/荔枝/百香果/檸檬鹽)265g 蜂蜜梅子新口味228g

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A new type of extruded pocket konjac jelly that leads the trend!
★Exclusive juice & added konjac ingredient, add original juice!
★Added original juice for the original taste of the fruit!
★Newly developed Japan's most popular force type jelly bag !
★Taiwan version of weaving konjac jelly
★Adopt a new type of mask with convenient design for easier tearing and inconvenient to use.
★About 14 sachets per package, based on actual net weight

[Features] : Newly developed super rammed jelly product! New taste ~ squeeze pocket jelly about 14 pieces per pack

[Product Specifications] :
1. Brand: Sheng Xiang Zhen
2. Contents/Specification: Sheng Xiangzhen Dr.Q Grape Konjac 265g
3. Shelf life: 12 months (please eat as soon as possible after opening to affect the quality)
4. Ingredients: water, sucrose, fructose powder, grape juice concentrate, jelly powder (carrageenan, glucose, potassium chloride, corn sugar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Calcium Phosphate), Konjac Powder, Malic Acid, Fragrance, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Erythorbate (Antioxidant), Citric Acid, Radish Juice, Apple Juice, Blackcurrant Juice
5. Nutrition Labels: Nutrition Labels Refer to the picture
6. Country of Origin: Taiwan
7. Others: Vegetarian
8. Weights: 9.3Oz / 8Oz

《盛香珍》Dr. Q 蒟蒻
▼引領潮流 入口後的水果香味更是挑逗您的舌尖味蕾!
★獨家添加果汁原汁 & 蒟蒻成分, 增添口感!
★特地添加台灣產芒果原汁~ 完美呈現台灣芒果香氣!!

1. 品牌:盛香珍
2. 內容物/規格: 盛香珍Dr.Q葡萄蒟蒻265g
3. 保存期限: 12個月(開封後請儘速食用受以影響品質)
4. 成分:水、蔗糖、果糖粉、葡萄濃縮汁、果凍粉(鹿角菜膠、葡萄糖、氯化鉀、玉米糖膠、刺槐豆膠、磷酸鈣)、蒟蒻粉、蘋果酸、香料、檸檬酸鈉、異抗壞血酸鈉(抗氧化劑)、檸檬酸、蘿蔔汁、蘋果汁、黑醋栗汁
5. 營養標示:營養標示參考圖示
6. 產地:台灣

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