10 Taiwan SOUVENIRS TO GIVE To show You Know Taiwan

10 Taiwan SOUVENIRS TO GIVE To show  You Know Taiwan

Taiwan Souvenirs10 Most-Recommended Taiwan Souvenirs to Get !

There are a lot of souvenirs in Taiwan, but what famous products are suitable for foreigners other than Taiwanese? The editor specially compiled the must-buy souvenirs in Taiwan! Not only Taiwanese love it, but also praised by friends from other countries who have tasted it. Next time when your foreigner friends ask for advice for shopping Taiwan souvenirs, or you need to give gifts to your foreign friends, besides the must-get famous pineapple cakes, you can recommend the other 8 great gifts below for souvenirs! Your friends will definitely be amazed!

 1. Pineapple Cakes & Egg Yolk Cakes

Must-eat Taiwanese national souvenirs

 The pineapple cake is soft and fragrant, and the roasted golden skin reveals an attractive milky fragrance. The sweet and sour taste not only captures the taste buds of Chinese people, but also is a favorite souvenir for foreigners. The homonym of pineapple in Taiwanese is "wanglai", which is very festive, so it is also a highly recommended souvenir when it is a festival or when visiting customers. In addition, the egg yolk cakes with salted egg yolk add a layer of salty flavor, and it is an irresistible souvenir~

 2. Chiate Pastry


Chiate Pastry Original Pineapple Cake Gift Box

Little Pan's Cake Shop

▲Little Pan's Cake Shop – Egg York Cake

2.Taro Cakes

A good taste that is not available abroad

Taro cakes are also a traditional souvenir snack in Taiwan, and very popular among foreigners because taro is rarely found in other countries! For example, Korea, France, etc. do not have taro. Many foreign friends liked it the first time they tasted it, and became a fan as the editor did! Novel flavors and cute souvenir shapes make it a highly recommended Taiwanese gift-giving specialty!


Master Chung's Little Taro Cakes

Tachia Master

Tachia Master's Lava Custard Taro Mochi Pastry


A Snack for all ages

Eggrolls are a favorite snack for everyone in Taiwan. The thick milky aroma that creeps into the nose and the crispy texture are Taiwanese souvenirs that even foreigners fall into. In recent years, various creative flavors have become available. The golden and crispy crust is covered with peanut filling, be it salty meat floss, or cute and delicious eggrolls, they are indeed perfect gifts for every one.

Hiwalk Eggrolls

HiWalk – Thick Peanut Butter Eggrolls

June 1

June 1 - 8 Knot Eggrolls

4. Noodles

Best-selling souvenirs around the world

In recent years, many delicious noodles have appeared in Taiwan. Not only are Taiwanese crazy about them, but they are also sold all over the world. These are Taiwanese souvenirs that foreigners like! A convenient souvenir, no matter how far abroad you are, you can taste the most authentic Taiwanese flavor. A variety of Taiwanese noodles with a variety of flavors, and many Taiwanese noodles brands set up by Taiwanese stars, so you can't never enough gifts !

Tseng Noodles

Tseng Noodles -Scallion with Sichuan Pepper Flavor

Laoma Noodle

Lao Ma Noodle - Mom's Dry Noodle Dan Dan Noodle

5. Dried Fruits and Vegetables

A Gift from Taiwan Land

The fresh vegetables and fruits that are abundant in Taiwan cannot be sent abroad, so why not take dried fruits and vegetables as souvenirs! No added natural dried fruits and vegetables, retain the fresh and delicious taste of freshly harvested in Taiwan. All kinds of vegetables and fruits retain their most delicious taste, and natural snacks are definitely Taiwanese souvenirs that foreigners like.

San Yang Food

San Yang Food – Selected dried fruits and vegetables Set (comprehensive fruits and vegetables + sweet potato chips + taro chips)

Juelin Nuts

Juelin Nuts – Dried Fruits Set

6. Nougat

Taiwan sweets

Nougat is a must-have gift when you come to Taiwan. It is said that nougat originated in Italy. After being introduced to Taiwan, the ingredients were improved and made into a sweet and chewy dessert, which has become a must-buy Taiwanese companion. present. The thick milk fragrance is a dessert snack for adults and children, and it is also a super recommended gift for foreigners.

Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice - Green Tea Nougat

Lucky Gift Nougats

Lucky Gift – Money Making Round Nougats

7. Nougat Biscuits - Dessert Snacks that you can't stop

Nougat cookie is a biscuit with sweet nougat in it. When the crispy and slightly salty chive soda biscuits collide with the soft Q and smooth nougat, it excites the delicious taste of salty and sweet, which makes people cannot help but taking one bite after another! It is a Taiwanese souvenir that foreign friends will like. In addition to the classic chive soda nougat, there are other new flavors. Coffee nougat is a must-buy for Koreans who have traveled to Taiwan in recent years.

Saint Peter Nougat Biscuits

Saint Peter - Coffee Nougat Biscuits

CHING TSE Nougat Biscuits

CHING TSE - Salty Egg Yolk Nougat Biscuits

8. Taiwanese Milk Tea

Taiwan National Beverage

Milk tea, one of the most characteristic drinks in Taiwan, the charm of milk tea has also swept all over the world in recent years, and many hand-cranked drinks have been born. Nowadays, various brands in Taiwan have also launched brewed milk tea, which is convenient and delicious. It is definitely a perfect gift for yourself or foreign friends.


PM0315 – Brown Sugar Konjac Pearl Milk Tea


PIPOTEA – Plant Self Milk Tea

9. Taiwanese Tea

Taste Taiwanese culture with a cup of tea

Tea is the most-drinked beverage in the world after water. Taiwanese tea became famous 150 years ago. Many tea brands in Taiwan insist on quality and only use high mountain tea grown locally in Taiwan. Eat a mouthful of Taiwan's famous pineapple cake, and pair it with a mouthful of high-quality Taiwanese tea. Foreign friends will definitely like this combination of Taiwanese souvenirs.


SHAN SHAN CHA – Original tea leaves Sun Moon Lake Assam

Wu Tsang

Wu Tsang – 【Wu Tsang Selected】Blooming Tea

10. Cultural & Creative Gifts

New Aesthetics of Taiwanese Culture

Taiwan's share of the world's territory seems small. Everyone who grows up on the island has perseverance and perseverance, as well as a heart that tolerates multiculturalism. Many cultural and creative products have reorganized traditional culture, integrated modern design, and revealed the extraordinary Taiwan through the form of new aesthetics. In addition to gourmet products, you can also recommend foreign friends to buy interesting, innovative and cultural and creative souvenirs that can represent Taiwan


LAI HAO – 【LAI HAO 】Old-Fashioned Shopping Bag

Sunny Bag

Sunny Bag – Quemoliga Multifunctional Cotton Stationery Bag/Cosmetic Bag

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