What is Buy Taiwan on Line?



Buy Taiwan on Line is a service brought to you by A Cute Shop. A Cute Shop is an online store that has been serving thousands of customers since 2004. Based in the everlasting sun-shine city of Taiwan, A Cute Shop has earned a reputation as a reliable, customer focused company. Please visit A Cute Shop to learn more about our company and read real customer reviews.

Buy Taiwan on Line is set up to help people who were born, had once traveled, lived or worked in Taiwan to shop Taiwanese food, beverages and goods as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Asian goods at ease of doorstep delivery. Building on our extensive experiences doing business in Taiwan, Asia and a pioneer on cross-border e-commerce, we have created an easy and affordable way for you to get authentic Asian goods no matter where you are, especially in this post-pandemic period. We love our country of this beautiful formosa island of Taiwan. We believe that once home, Taiwan is always your home no matter where you are!

Buy Taiwan on Line store is filled with authentic items we genuinely are excited about sharing. We selected Taiwanese food, beverages and goods as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Asian products that are classic, or practical, or brand new, or unique that are loved and recommended by the residents, travelers and YTers. We hope you could enjoy these goods in the same fashion & beatable prices in the comfort of your own home.

Why choose Buy Taiwan on Line?

We know there are a handful of places to order goods of Taiwanese / Chinese / Japanese / Korean stuff. Why order from Buy Taiwan on Line?

  • We offer one-stop-shopping for Taiwanese / Chinese / Japanese / Korean goods! You can get combinations of your favorite Taiwanese / Chinese / Japanese / Korean goods from our store. Being a free-economic zone and the hub of goods from its neighboring countries for centuries, Taiwan has a unique market that accommodates Taiwanese / Chinese / Japanese / Korean goods in variety. We now offer you the same variety of goods that the locals enjoy.

  • We offer a Costco-like membership-based service! You can subscribe to any of our membership, and enjoy a flat discount up to 45% for all products, about the same price as the locals. The more you buy, the more you save.

  • We ship worldwide by EXPRESS ONLY. We know how urgent you want to get your goods the minute you place the order. We've partnered with the best international logistic service providers to provide you express shipping at affordable price! All our Buy Taiwan on Line packs ship to countries all over the world within 3~5 working days for delivery lead-time.

  • High quality & great variety of goods. We combined technology and unique niche to offer you great variety of high-quality merchandise from the local markets in very affordable price, saving your time of travel and money in so many varieties. With our service, you can enjoy shopping more variety of goods in very competitive price. Once you try, you will not stop!

  • Great variety of Stationery. We provide you the many cute and one-of-a-kind stationery from Taiwan, Japan and Korean. Buy and use the stationery goods as the locals do!

  • Exciting Reward program: Earn free gifts & rewards when you shop, provide reviews or refer friends. Receive a birthday gift box and annual 2% rewards up to $1,000 on qualified purchase.

  • Based in Asia. Buy Taiwan on Line is run by e-commerce professionals based in Taiwan and worldwide. Ordering from Buy Taiwan on Line is the easiest way to get your hands on authentic Taiwanese / Chinese / Japanese / Korean goods.

  • Merchandise on Request Service. Cannot find the products you want?  Simply send us a message and we will try to get the items you want on our store in affordable price.