UPDATED 2023 Guide【Taobao China】How to Buy from Taobao China & Shopee Taiwan and Ship to Anywhere in the World

UPDATED 2023 Guide【Taobao China】How to Buy from Taobao China & Shopee Taiwan and Ship to Anywhere in the World

Taoboa China is one of China's Most Visited C2C E-commerce websites

Taobao China is a well-known online shopping platform in China. It is divided into various sections such as Taobao marketplace and Taobao shopping mall, which can be accessed through their website and app. Chinese people frequently use Taobao to buy affordable cosmetics, sports shoes, clothing, and other necessities.

Due to the convenience of Taobao China's logistics, many local Chinese brands have also opened online stores on the platform. Taobao China offers a wide range of products, including beauty care, fashion accessories, home appliances, travel tickets and vouchers, 3C products, and more. Although Taobao China is only available to residents of China, you can still purchase any Taobao China products as a local with no time difference by using a reliable shopping agent service.

To shop on Taobao China, you first need to create an account. Unfortunately, international buyers cannot register an account unless they have a local Chinese address and a Chinese mobile number. The language of the interface is also in simplified Chinese, making it challenging for non-native speakers to navigate the platform. Therefore, it is recommended to use a China-based shopping agent service to complete your purchase on Taobao China.

Our Taobao China buying agent service offers the best price and attentive service to assist you in shipping your purchases from China to your country. You don't have to communicate with the Taobao seller yourself. Simply entrust us with your shopping, and we'll deliver your items right to your door. Contact us now for more information, and we'll organize the most recent Taobao shopping discounts and popular products in China for you regularly.

Online shopping has made it easier for people to access products from various countries. China, as a hub of global manufacturing, offers a unique selection of products that you can purchase on Taobao China. Our international online shopping and shipping service make it convenient and affordable for you to buy good stuff from Chinese online stores.

If you want to inquire about our Taobao China buying service, please click HERE.

About our Taobao China / Shopee Taiwan buying service:

  • Exchange Rate: We use the exchange rate provided by Paypal.
  • Item condition Inspection and confirmation: Please be assured that we will inspect your purchased items to ensure that they are as described.
  • Help you buy from Shopee Taiwan & Taobao China: We can help you buy from both Shopee Taiwan and/or Taobao China to make more options available at your choice.
Visit Taobao China right away.

To access Taobao China, you can use Google Translate to navigate the website. This tool can translate the website content and display a readable version of the website.

How Do I Auto-Translate a Webpage in Chrome?
1. Open the Chrome browser on your computer.
2. Open the menu by clicking on the vertical three-dot icon.
3. From the list, select the Settings menu.
4. Scroll to the bottom and select the Advanced options.
5. In the Advanced section, expand the Language menu.
6. Sort the Langauge preferences (top = highest priority).
7. Tick the box next to — Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read.

Chrome Language Configuration with Translation and Spell Check

This will automatically and flawlessly translate the website content and display the readable version.

While translating, you can also select your preferred language for output translation within the browser.

However, there may be prohibited items and size limitations when purchasing goods from China.Please contact us to check if there are any import restrictions on the goods in your country that you wish to purchase.

Please contact us to check if there are any import restrictions on the goods in your country you need to purchase.

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