2022 The most representative souvenirs of counties and cities in Taiwan

2022 The most representative souvenirs of counties and cities in Taiwan
2022 The most representative souvenirs of counties and cities in Taiwan

2022 The most representative souvenirs of counties and cities in Taiwan

In addition to the well-known Taiwan souvenir list, there are actually many hidden souvenir shops in Taiwan's counties and cities, which are also famous that local residents will queue up for. Let us sort out these hidden local treasures for you. Next time when you have an opportunity to travel to these various counties and cities in Taiwan, you might wanna taste these local delicacies as the local people do !

Recommended Souvenirs of Taipei 台北伴手禮推薦

Lautianlu Braised Dishes

One of the well-known braished dishes shops in Taipei, with a history of more than 50 years, long queues are often seen in front of the Ximending store. Many people recommend duck wings, duck tongues, and duck gizzards. The taste does not come!
Recommended items:braised duck tongues, braished wings

Cafe Astoria. --Russian Soft Candy
明星咖啡俄羅斯軟糖-1.jpg 引用來源:明星咖啡

Dessert of the Tsar

In the 1960’s, former chef to the Tsar, Levedwe brought a recipe for Russian soft candy once used for the royal family in Russia to Caf� Astoria. This soft and chewy treat is made with walnuts and has a perfect sweetness that made it a favorite of First Lady Chiang Fang-Liang. Astoria makes its popular Russian soft candy by hand without preservatives. The candy is especially flavorful when served frozen.

Recommended itemsRussian Soft Candy
Recommended Souvenirs of Taoyuan 桃園伴手禮推薦
Long Qing Peanut Candy
桃園伴手禮龍情花生糖.jpg 引用來源:龍情花生糖-魔幻豆子主題館
Longtan Township, Taoyuan is a Hakka village famous for making peanut candy. It started from a local background and has produced a variety of delicious and smooth signature peanut candies. There are also cashew nut crisps, QQ sweet potato balls, thick milk peanuts and other snacks to choose from. The good taste of locally produced peanuts has made it famous.
Recommended Items:Peanut Fudge, Qiaoguo Series, Thick Milk Crispy Fruit
Ta Fang Beancurds
2016 伴手禮 (4)
引用來源:大房Daxi's famous product is dried bean curds, and the very famous dried bean curds store in Daxi is Dafang dried bean curds. Watching TV while savoring dried bean curds is simply the best enjoyment in the world.
Recommended Items: all flavors of bean curds

Recommended Souvenirs of Hsinchu 新竹伴手禮推薦
XinFuyuan Peanut Butter
新福源花生醬(二代店).jpg 引用來源:新福源花生醬-二代店
XinFuyuan peanut butter has a dense taste and insists on the production process without adding a drop of water. It has become a souvenir of Hsinchu Chaobang. The peanut butter necessary for breakfast and the delicious peanut butter egg roll are definitely a good choice for gift giving. Xinfuyuan Peanut Butter Second-Generation Store has a less sweet taste, which modern people would prefer.
Recommended Items:Thick Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Egg Rolls
米樂爆米花.jpg 引用來源:米樂繽紛爆米花
Miller Popcorn is the designated gift for the VIPs of the 57th Golden Horse Awards of Taiwan. In addition to a variety of flavors of popcorn to choose from, the tin boxes with different shapes and appearances launched every season are also very worth of collecting! Tired of gifting in cakes ? You might as well choose the most famous popcorn in Hsinchu, which is also highly accepted by children. It will be a very popular snack at home.
Recommended Flavors:Caramel, Mexican, Original
Recommended Souvenirs of Taichung 台中伴手禮推薦
Banshin Castella Cake

Banshin Castella Cake, which is located near the second market of Taichung City, is lined up every day. The golden packaging is like a gold nugget. It is very atmospheric as a gift. The price is not expensive and repurchase rate is very high! This is the only one, there are no other branches. It is recommended to make an appointment first, and you can pick up the cake on the spot in about 1-2 hours (not accepting telephone appointments, only on-site queuing).
Recommended Item:Nagasaki Cake
Ichihuku Bakery
一福堂檸檬餅.jpg 引用來源:一福堂 Taichung is a big city of pastries, and there are also many old shops! One of them is a super old shop known to everyone in Taichung. Although the sun cakes are the most famous pastries in Ichihuku Bakery, when you come to Yifutang, it is recommended to buy their lemon cakes. It has a sweet and sour taste, and children will like it too. And the packaging is convenient and not too sticky, which is very popular.
Recommended Items:Lemon Cake, Pineapple Cake, Sun Cake
Recommended Souvenirs of Changhua 彰化伴手禮推薦
Bau Jen Shiang Bakery
寶珍香餅店彰化伴手禮.jpg 引用來源:寶珍香餅店 The Bau Jen Shiang Bakery in Changhua City has the name of the most delicious in Taiwan. It uses high-quality dried longan as the filling. It does not contain preservatives and has a solid and dense taste. It is a famous product that is highly recommended by Changhua people. A single package is the size of a cup cake, and you will eat more than half of it if you are not careful. If you can't eat it immediately, there is a deoxidized package that can be preserved.
Recommended Items: Longan Cake, Mochi Q Cake Series

Da Yuan Mochi
大元麻糬.jpg 引用來源:大元麻糬Da Yuan Mochi has a history of 50 years in the local business, and has developed a special "salted mochi" flavor, which is also the most representative product. If you are afraid of not being used to it, you can also choose their peanut or red bean flavor, with a soft Q skin, you will definitely like it.
Recommended Items: Salted Mochi, Radish Crisp, Taro Crisp
Recommended Souvenirs of Nantou 南投伴手禮推薦
微熱山丘 SunnyHills
微熱山丘南投伴手禮.jpg 引用來源:微熱山丘 When it comes to Nantou souvenirs, the internationally renowned Sunny Hills must be indispensable. Although there are also establishments in other counties and cities, it is also a very good experience to have the opportunity to come to the Nantou main building. The most famous one is the sour and strong taste. The pineapple cake, the gift box is exquisitely made, and the gifts are  charismatic and beautiful.
Recommended Items: Pineapple Cake, Apple Cake
Recommended Souvenirs of Yunlin 雲林伴手禮推薦

Wuan Chuang Soy Sauce
丸莊產品-02-1.png 引用來源:丸莊產品 Yunlin county produces more than half of the soy sauce in Taiwan, and all the best soy sauces are here! Wuan Chuang Soy Sauce has a history of more than 100 years. The soy sauce produced is pure and not greasy. Good ingredients should be accompanied by good seasoning. I believe it will be a great choice for souvenirs.
Recommended Items:  Black Soy Sauce series
Recommended Souvenirs of Chaiyi 嘉義伴手禮推薦
I-Like Eggrolls
信手工坊.jpg 引用來源:信の手工坊 Chiayi’s egg rolls are not only in Fu Yi Xuan, but pure egg rolls without water and cream can also be bought in the i-like bakery! Especially for New Year gifts, it is even more beautiful for a souvenir workshop with various combinations and exquisite packaging. You will like it very much just by looking at the packaging, not to mention delicious snacks!
Recommended Items: Handmade egg roll, pineapple cake, nougat

Recommended Souvenirs of Tainan 台南伴手禮
Sheriff Tea Eggs
台南伴手禮所長茶葉蛋.jpg 引用來源:所長茶葉蛋 The Sheriff Tea Eggs, makes it possible to serve several bowls of white rice! Vacuum packaging can be stored immediately or for a long time. It can be stored for several months even if it is not open.
Recommended Items: Tea eggs, dried tofu, fermented eggs
Recommended Souvenirs of Kaohsiung 高雄伴手禮推薦
Mulung Peanut Candy
10857201_936669553040303_4380274186112443902_o.jpg 引用來源:木侖花生糖It was originally a low-key good taste in Fengshan City, and people in Fengshan eat this during Chinese New Year and festivals. As a result, after the media reported it, it became a representative souvenir of Kaohsiung. It has a good taste that does not stick to the teeth. Just the right amount of peanuts, people can't stop after one bite, it is a traditional and simple good taste!
Recommended Items: Peanut Candy, Almond Candy, Sesame Candy

Omiyage Kaohsiung
不二緻果高雄伴手禮.jpg 引用來 源:不二緻果 The taro cake of Omiyage Kaohsiung  has real big taro in it, and all kinds of roll cakes are quite standard, and the goddess roll It is also a taro cake. It is another dense taste. People who have eaten it will recommend it!
Recommended Items: Taro Cake, Napoleon Pie, Godess Roll
Recommended Souvenirs of Pingtung 屏東伴手禮推薦
Zheng Mama Hand-crafted Nougat
鄭媽媽牛軋糖.jpg 引用來源:鄭媽媽手工牛軋糖 Pingtung's well-known group-buying delicacy, Mommy Zheng's Nougat, is handcrafted. The ingredients are real. No preservatives, hardeners or artificial milk flavors are added. I want to buy one and eat it.
Recommended Items: Nougat

Domalie Bakery
多麥綠沙其瑪.jpg 引用來源:多麥綠烘焙美食 Pingtung Domalie Bakery's "Roasted Sachima" is a good choice for your health and no burden. Unlike frying in the market, the original roasting method is used and the water is completely replaced by milk. It's Pingtung people's big Thumb's food!
Recommended Items: all flavors of Sachima
Recommended Souvenirs of Taitung 台東伴手禮推薦
Yang Potato
Yang Sweet Potato Crisp is a selection of Tai Nong No. 57 sweet potatoes. It is crispy and crunchy. With the sweet aroma that is carefully boiled by hand, people will have an endless aftertaste after eating one bite after another. There are currently three stores in Taitung area. It is very popular among Taitung locals to buy it in boxes.
Recommended Items: Sweet Potato Crisp
Yun Fun Taiwan Champion Tea 
允芳紅烏龍.jpg 引用來源:允芳茶園 Not all people in Taitung only drink millet wine. Among them, red oolong is also a very representative specialty product (tea). Many people say that once you have tasted the red oolong in Taitung you can’t tolerate less. Many star-rated hotels also use the red oolong tea by Fun Tea Garden. There is also a combination of tea bags if you want to be more convenient, so that you can enjoy good tea anytime, anywhere.
Recommended Items:  Red Oolong Tea, Cicada Savored Tea
Recommended Souvenirs of Hualien 花蓮伴手禮推薦
Mr. Turon
引用來源:杜倫先生The founder of Mr. Turon combined the traditional Hualien mochi with creativity and exclusively launched a variety of special mochi, among which "salted mochi" and "dipping sauce mochi" are the two main products! At the same time, because of its cute and exquisite packaging, it has become a popular souvenir in Hualien, and it is suitable for both gifts and personal use.
Recommended Items: salted mochi, dipping sauce mochi, Raw Milk Dorayaki

Recommended Souvenirs of Yilan 宜蘭伴手禮推薦
Yih Shun Shiuan
奕順軒奶凍捲.jpg 引用來源:奕順軒 The famous Yih Shun Shiuan ice cream rolls are known all over the island. Although it is not easy to store, many people still choose to take home this super delicious souvenir. It can also be said to be the representative of the most famous old souvenir shop in Yilan. The store is usually full of people as soon as it opens. If you want to buy it on the spot, you have to bear with a little more patience.  It is also a designated snack for many homestays!
Recommended Items: Pure taro jelly rolls, Napoleon pie, light taro jelly rolls

Sun Hope Veg

三合燒餅.jpg 引用來源: style="color: rgb(170, 170, 170);" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">三合燒餅 The good taste of Sun Hope veggie biscuits makes it a delicious snack that even picky people will give thumbs up. It is baked by hand and blended into the biscuits with selected vegetable materials. The small package is convenient to eat. Subvert your imagination of traditional biscuits.
Recommended Items: all flavors

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