Are you seeking for a Taiwanese or Chinese shopping agency, purchasing agent, proxy bidding agent, or parcel forwarder?

We purchase items from any Taiwanese or Chinese online store , manufacturer on your behalf and deliver to you by express!

Here's a helpful service we provide to all of our customers:

1.Personal Shopping Service
We place orders for you at your preferred stores. We can order or pre-order ANYTHING you see in Taiwan auctions/shops and China shopping portals (Shopee Taiwan, Taobao, Aliexpress, 1688, and Pinduoduo) for the best price.

【Shopee TW】How to Buy from Shopee Taiwan and Ship to Anywhere in the World

2.Procurement Service
We work as your purchasing agent for any Taiwanese / Chinese online retailer or factory on your behalf, placing orders and combining your purchases. Use our best express shipping rates in this area to save time and money when purchasing from Taiwan and China.

3. Wholesale Service
Are you an online retailer looking for things from Asia? We are the official Sanrio / San-X and Zakka goods distributor. Get the greatest buying rates by getting your merchandise direct from Asia that your competitors won't be able to find! A three-month membership is required for our wholesale service.

4. Shipment combined Service
If you are buying items from Taiwan and China at the same time, we provide a shipment combined service or we could dispatch your items separately from Taiwan and/ or from China directly in best shipping rate, saving your time and money.

Our Service Charges

We manage all of the logistics, including estimating, communicating with the seller, purchasing, storing, and repackaging and sending your products to you.

The Service Fee we charge for all members:

A flat 10% of the total purchasing price

*Total purchase price = the cost of the products + domestic shipping fee or cross-border shipping fee from China to Taiwan

Additional costs to consider:

1. International elivery fee - Take advantage of our best express shipping rates in the area!

2. Paypal transaction fee - Paypal charges a fee of 5% of the total amount (this is charged to us by Paypal)

3. Other unforeseen costs - while the above typically covers everything, some products may require the use of additional/special packaging, purchasing in a physical store, and so on. We make every effort to notify you of any additional costs as soon as we become aware of them.

4. Wrapping service is now available for TWD 250 per package, which includes gift paper (optional: ribbon & message card).

Step-by-step instructions on how it works:

1. Select a membership package from our plans.
2. Use our online fee calculator to get a cost and fee estimate. (A domestic shipping fee is included)

Item Price
3. Submit your request from within your account.
4. We send you a formal cost estimate (quote).
5. You review our offer and confirm the request.
6. We make a listing for your order in our store and you check out with the initial payment (for the products) (credit card / Paypal accepted).
6. Once we receive your payment, we will proceed with the procurement and keep you updated on the progress.
7. We compute the shipping cost and charge you the shipping fee once we get all of your items.
8. Your item(s) are dispatched and a tracking code is provided upon receipt of your shipping cost payment.

Then sit back and wait for your package to arrive in less than a week!