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3:15 PM

3:15 PM Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls Black Boba 1.76Oz (4pcs/box) 3點1刻 黑糖珍珠粉圓 50g (4入/盒)

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3:15 PM Black Boba Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls are black tapioca pearls that are ideal for boba. Have you ever wished to create boba or bubble tea at home? You can now! Simply boil 3:15 PM's round dry black boba tapioca pearls in syrup water and pour the bubbles into your favorite tea or juice. And there you have it: bubble tea in the comfort of your own home.
  • Ingredients: Noodles (Tapioca Flour, Water, Thickeners (Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate, Acetyl Phosphate Distarch), Caramel Color, Thickener (Sodium Alginate), Brown Sugar Flavor), Water, Fructose, Brown Sugar (discrete sugar, molasses), thickening agent (corn candy gum), citrus pectin, thickening agent (sodium carboxymethylcellulose), flavoring agent (malic acid), quality improver (potassium dihydrogen phosphate).
  • Capacity: 50g / 1.76Oz / 4pcs/box
【Heating method】 ✔Room temperature pearls ①Microwave heating method : Tear off a corner of the package (to avoid excessive air expansion in the bag), microwave for 30 seconds (700 watts). ②Water-proof heating method Boil water, put the complete package into the boiling water and continue to heat for 3 minutes.
※After heating, be careful that the package is hot.

  • 成分: 粉圓(樹薯粉、水、黏稠劑(羥丙基磷酸二澱粉、乙醯化磷酸二澱粉)、焦糖色素、黏稠劑(海藻酸鈉)、黑糖香料)、水、果糖、黑糖(二砂糖、糖蜜)、黏稠劑(玉米糖膠)、柑橘果膠、黏稠劑(羧甲基纖維素鈉)、調味劑(蘋果酸)、品質改良劑(磷酸二氫鉀)。
  • 容量:50公克
【加熱方式】 ✔常溫珍珠 ①微波加熱方式 將包裝撕開缺口一角(避免袋內空氣過度膨脹),微波30秒(700瓦)。 ②隔水加熱方式 煮滾水,將完整包裝置入沸水中持續加熱3分鐘。

每一份量 50公克 、本包裝含4份
熱量:106.7大卡、蛋白質:0.1公克、脂肪: 0.1公克、飽和脂肪:0公克、反式脂肪:0公克、碳水化合物:26.5克、糖:10.9公克、納:1毫克
每100公克:熱量 213.3大卡、蛋白質 0.1公克 、脂肪 0.1公克 、飽和脂肪 0公克 、反式脂肪 0公克 、碳水化合物 53.0公克 、糖 21.7公克 、鈉 2毫克

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