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3:15 PM

3:15 PM Taiwanese Milk Tea Reduced Sugar Original Milk Tea Choose Any 2 Boxes 4.2 oz x 2 3點1刻 減糖奶茶系列任選2入組 120g*2

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At 3:15 PM, the tea and Sri Lanka's Uba (UVA) black tea are professionally fermented and baked, with a unique fragrance, sugar and creamer (zero trans fat) are added to make tea bags. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of good taste and happy experience with 3:15 PM is so easy!
Warm and sweet with strong milk tea and honey tea aroma. It tastes better when refrigerated.

No artificial flavor is added, and the unique tea rhythm is created by the complicated baking process. The milk tea will present different flavors depending on the soaking time. It can be adjusted according to personal preferences and enjoy the three-dimensional taste of the four-dimensional space.

3:15 PM, a blend of black tea, oolong tea, and creamer is used to make the original Taiwanese milk tea. The tea has a slightly floral, sweet, and earthy flavor that blends well with the creamer to provide a creamy and balanced instant milk tea.  This tea contains reduced sugar, so you may relax and enjoy your favorite cup of tea whenever you want. This Taiwanese milk tea can be substituted for coffee or served with your favorite confections for a tasty afternoon snack.

  • Ingredients: Creamer, black tea, oolong tea. Contains milk
  • Product Weight: 4.2 oz. (120g)*2 , 5PCS/Box
  • Product of Taiwan
A product of the Shih Chen company, 3:15pm believes instant soups and teas can be both easy to make and delicious. With a line dedicated to producing only the best quality products that you can enjoy in an instant this original milk tea with no added sugar is sure to please anyone looking for a great tasting tea they can enjoy anywhere.


熱量:93.2大卡 蛋白質:0.6公克 脂肪:3.2公克 飽和脂肪:3.1公克 反式脂肪:0公克 碳水化合物:15.4公克 糖:8.9公克 納:10.8毫克
【3點1刻】減糖炭燒奶茶 5入/盒
熱量:92.9大卡 蛋白質:0.7公克 脂肪:3.2公克 飽和脂肪:3.1公克 反式脂肪:0公克 碳水化合物:15.4公克 糖:8.7公克 納:15.6毫克
【3點1刻】減糖伯爵奶茶 5入/盒
熱量:91.9大卡 蛋白質:0.5公克 脂肪:3公克 飽和脂肪:3公克 反式脂肪:0公克 碳水化合物:15.6公克 糖:9.4公克 納:12毫克
【3點1刻】減糖玫瑰花果奶茶 5入/盒
熱量:93大卡 蛋白質:0.6公克 脂肪:3.2公克 飽和脂肪:3.1公克 反式脂肪:0公克 碳水化合物:15.6公克 糖:9.5公克 納:14.5毫克
【3點1刻】減糖日月潭奶茶 5入/盒
熱量:93.3大卡 蛋白質:0.7公克 脂肪:3.3公克 飽和脂肪:3.2公克 反式脂肪:0公克 碳水化合物:15.2公克 糖:7.9公克 納:14.2毫克

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