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Hello Kitty Assorted Sweets Gift Box 台灣菓子綜合禮盒

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Hello Kitty Assorted Sweets Gift Box - Red bean mochi Q cake X4, milk white bean paste fruit X2)
Made with high-quality red beans from Taiwan and add Taiwanese fruits with different sweetness to make red bean fillings with different sweetness. You can taste the flavor of traditional Taiwanese cakes.
  • Red Bean Mochi - cream, sugar, flour, egg, red bean filling, mochi, milk powder, honey
  • Milk White Bean Paste Fruit - Milk White Bean Paste, Flour, Sugar, Cream, Egg, Milk Powder
  • Weight: 35g (red bean mochi) / 90g (milk white bean paste)
  • Shelf life: 30 days
  • Place of Origin: Taichung City, Taiwan

Hello Kitty 台灣菓子綜合禮盒


Hello Kitty 台灣菓子,使用台灣在地優質紅豆製成甜度較低的紅豆內餡,搭配Q彈的麻糬, 外層的餅皮則是加入了滋味迷人的蜂蜜,甜不膩口,可以品嚐到不同以往台灣傳統糕餅的風味。

品名:Hello Kitty台灣菓子綜合禮盒(紅豆麻糬 x4/牛奶白豆沙菓子 x2)
牛奶白豆沙菓子- 牛奶白豆沙餡、麵粉、砂糖、奶油、蛋、奶粉
重量: 35公克(紅豆麻糬) /90公克(牛奶白豆沙菓子)
產地:台灣 台中市

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