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HELLO KITTY Octagonal Electronic Dehumidifier 34 OZ Small Room 電子式除濕機

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Hello Kitty octagonal electronic dehumidifier, sterilization and clean air. Apply to small room, wardrobe and lockers.
Application - Effective dehumidification in a small space within 194 sqft / 5 ping
  • Full of water shut down automatically
  • Brand New Item
  • Sanrio Licensed product
  • Dimensions: approx. 17.8 x 10.6 x H23 cm / 7" x 4.17" x 9"
  • Specifications:
  • Dehumidification capacity of 1000 ml / day
  • Packing weight:1.6kg
  • Power consumption: 18W
  • Voltage: 110V/60hz
1. Connect the transformer connector to the body end and insert it into the power port, and then insert the transformer plug into the 100~240V power socket.
2. Press the switch key, the switch key lights up, the dehumidifier starts to run, and the blue light of the water tank starts.
3. When the water in the water tank reaches the full water level, the blue light of the switch key will go out, the body will stop working, and the light of the water tank will turn from blue to red. At this time, please pull out the water tank to remove the drain plug and drain the water in the water tank. Return the drain plug, and then put the water tank back into the body, the body will automatically restart, the switch key and the water tank light will light up blue again.
4. When you want to turn off the dehumidifier, press the key again, and the light will turn off.
5. If you feel that the light of the water tank is too bright during use, you can switch to sleep mode, slide the mode button from left to right, the light of the water tank is turned off, and you can start to enjoy a good sleep.

  • Shell material-ABA/PP
  • Product No.-AED-1000BA-003
  • Dehumidification capacity-200ML/day (temperature 25 degrees C, humidity RH80)
  • Water tank capacity-MAX.1000ML
  • Adapter Power Supply - DC 9V2A, 18W
  • Product size-178X106X230.8MM / / 7" x 4.17" x 9"
  • Body weight-926.5g
  • Date of manufacture - marked on the product
  • Warranty Period - One Year (with Warranty)
  • Origin - Taiwan
HELLO KITTY 八角電子式除濕機

1.將變壓器接頭連接機體端插入電源接口,然後再將變壓器插頭插入 100~240V之電源插座。
3.當水箱內的水達滿水位時,開關鍵藍光熄滅,機體暫停運作,水箱燈光由藍光 轉為紅光,此時請拉出水箱取下排水塞並將水箱中的水排掉,放回排水塞,再將水箱放回機體,機體將會自動重新運轉,開關鍵和水箱燈再度亮起藍光。
5.若使用時覺得水箱燈光太亮,可切換至舒眠模式,模式鍵由左滑至右邊,水箱 燈光關閉,即可開始享受好眠。
  • 外殼材質-ABA/PP
  • 品號-AED-1000BA-003
  • 除濕量-200ML/日(溫度25度C,濕度RH80)
  • 水箱容量-MAX.1000ML
  • 適配器電源-DC 9V2A,18W
  • 產品尺寸-178X106X230.8MM
  • 機體重量-926.5g
  • 製造日期-標示於產品上
  • 保固期間-一年(內附保證書)
  • 產地-台灣

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