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Jiu Zhen Nan Mung Bean & Meat Pastry 6PC 9PC Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box 舊振南6入、9入綠豆椪禮盒(附提袋)

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Mung Bean & Meat Pastry

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Jiu Zhen Nan Mung Bean & Meat Pastry 6PC 9PC Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box

Taiwanese mooncakes, often referred to as mung bean fen, are a traditional Mid-Autumn Festival gift and are advertised on the signboard of the ancient Jiu Zhen Nan store. The plump mung beans used to make Jiu Zhen Nan's Mung Bean Peng have been carefully chosen. The mung bean paste filling is created after seven laborious manual processes, including soaking, washing, filtering, steaming, pressing, boiling, and frying. It is then wrapped in the master's hand lever. The layers of the thousand-layer cake skins are distinct after baking, melt in the tongue, and have a delicate and fresh aroma.

Lacto-vegetarian Mung bean Peng (Li Bai taste)

Pure mung bean paste is known as Li Bai because it has the original flavor (the filling is dense and snow-white after being cut).
Ingredients: trehalose, salt, red yeast rice pigment powder, sugar, mung bean kernels, anhydrous butter, soybean salad oil, and flour.

Mung bean pancake (egg yolk flavor) vegan and vegetarian

The salted egg yolk is created from locally produced duck eggs in Pingtung, Taiwan, and when cut, the color resembles a bright moon.

Ingredients: flour, sugar, red yeast rice color powder, mung bean kernels, salted egg yolks, anhydrous butter, soybean salad oil, and trehalose.

Su Dongpo-flavored mung bean fen meat

Jiu Zhen Nan's traditional stewed pork is made with mung bean paste as a tribute to Mr. Dongpo.

Pork from Taiwan is used in this product, along with flour, sugar, mung bean kernels, anhydrous butter, trehalose, soybean salad oil, salt, herbal powder, and red yeast color powder.










綠豆沙加入舊振南秘傳手工精燉魯肉,以東坡先生名號作為紀念。 成份:麵粉、糖、綠豆仁、無水奶油、海藻糖、大豆沙拉油、豬肉(台灣)、醬油、鹽、百草粉、紅麴色素粉


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