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Taichung Snow-flake Mung Bean & Meat Pastry Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box 台中雪花齋 雪花糕 雪花月餅經典禮盒

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The "Snowflake Mooncake," also called "Mung Bean Peng" or "Fengyuan Mooncake," is the store's greatest treasure in Snow-flake Pastry. The originator, Mr. Lu Shui, developed the "Snowflake Mooncake," also known as Mung Bean Peng or Fengyuan Mooncake, with a skin as white as snow and distinct layers by switching the usual two-sided pan-fried mooncakes to a baking process with a small fire and a large fire. Snowflake mooncakes made by Lu Shui were evaluated in 1926—the fifteenth year of Japanese occupation—and were awarded the bronze medal at the Taiwan Pastry Exhibition. The Taiwanese people received this distinction for the first time under the Japanese occupation.

Snowflake Mooncake (meat): Flour, Sugar, Lard, Mung Bean, Oil, Onion, Pork, Sesame, Salt
Mung beans that are lacto-vegetarian are made with flour, sugar, cream, salad oil, and salt.

Original Snowflake Mooncake: Special Braised Pork and Traditional Mung Bean Paste (Meat)
Pure Mung Bean Paste; Snowflake Mooncake (Lacto-Vegetarian) (Vegetarian)
Shelf life: 14–20 days at room temperature; the product package has a date of expiration.
(It must be chilled after unpacking to prevent high temperatures and humidity, which will shorten the amount of time it may be stored.)
Information on allergens: Some of our goods may include peanuts, pine nuts, sesame, almonds, wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, and other nut cereal products.
Please carefully read the ingredient label if you have a food allergy to the relevant item.
Origin of pork and lard: Taiwan
856g and 10g in total.

(葷) 雪花月餅: 麵粉, 砂糖, 豬油, 綠豆, 油蔥, 豬肉 ,芝麻, 鹽
奶素綠豆椪: 麵粉, 砂糖, 奶油, 沙拉油, 綠豆沙, 鹽

淨  重:856公克±10g

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