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TRADITION Original Tea Bag Series 20 Tea Bags x 2 oz (20 g) Green Tea Jasmine Green Genmaicha Tea Roasted Brown Rice T世家 原片茶包系列 2.8gx20包 綠茶、茉綠、玄米 60g / 盒

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Tradition's Green Tea, is a classic Taiwanese green tea. Green tea is made from unoxidized tea leaves that are native to China and India. Some describe green tea taste as a grassy, buttery flavor. Others say that green tea is sweet. This Taiwanese green tea is mild and delicious, perfect for brewing and everyday enjoyment.

Tradition's Jasmine Tea, is tea flavored with jasmine flowers. Typically, jasmine tea is made from jasmine flowers with green tea. The jasmine flowers are harvested and scented with the tea either by mixing the actual flower buds with the tea, or etherizing the flowers' aroma between two trays. If you enjoy the flavor of jasmine flowers, you will love this tea!

Tradition's Genmaicha Tea, or Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea is a green tea with bits of roasted rice. The roasted rice gives the green tea a deliciously nutty flavor, similar to that of toasted pieces of bread. The tea was made in Kyoto were a farmer mixed tea with brown rice.

To enjoy this tea, simply steep in hot water and let it steep until the desired strength is acquired. Then, sip to enjoy.

  • It is made from unfermented green tea by directly stir-frying green tea.
  • Fresh & green, the aroma is elegant and fresh, and the taste is light and moving.
  • The green and fresh, the unique taste is only T Shijia tea, the original taste of the original film, the real presentation!
  •  Brewing method: Put a tea bag in a cup, pour about 240cc of boiling water, cover the cup, and steep for about 3 to 5 minutes, or increase or decrease the time according to personal preference.
  • The inner package is a moisture-proof handbag with electroplating bag.
  • Preservation method: Please place in a clean, cool and dry place. After opening, please brew and drink as soon as possible.

Tradition tea is a sub brand of Good Young Ltd, a famous fifth generation Taiwanese tea processing company which inherited decades of tea processing knowledge and culture.

  • Ingredients: Green Tea / Jasmine Green Tea / Sencha, Brown Rice
  • Product Weight: 20 Tea Bags x 0.1 oz (2.8 g)
  • Product of Taiwan
[鮮綠茶2.8gx20包 / 盒] ( 總重:60g )

※沖泡方式 : 將一個茶包置於杯內,沖入約240cc沸開水,蓋上杯蓋,浸泡約3~5分鐘,或隨個人喜好濃度增減時間,即可飲用。
※保存方式 : 請放置於清潔陰涼乾燥處,拆封後請盡速沖泡飲用。
[茉香綠茶2.8gx20包 / 盒] ( 總重:60g )

※沖泡方式 : 將一個茶包置於杯內,沖入約150cc沸開水,蓋上杯蓋,浸泡約3~5分鐘,或隨個人喜好濃度增減間,即可飲用。
※保存方式 : 請放置於清潔陰涼乾燥處,拆封後請盡速沖泡飲用。

[玄米玉露2.8gx20包 / 盒] ( 總重:60g )

※沖泡方式 : 將一個茶包至於杯內,沖入約240cc沸開水,蓋上杯蓋,浸泡約3~5分鐘,或隨個人喜好濃度增減時間,即可飲用。

※保存方式 : 請放置於清潔陰涼乾燥處,拆封後請盡速沖泡飲用。

規格:2.8g茶包20入/盒,總淨重56g ( 總重:60g )
製造日期:請參考包裝 (聊聊詢問)。

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