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Vegecian - Sichuan Red Oil Dan Dan Noodles 4PCS / Bag 摩素師 - 四川紅油担担麵 (4包/袋)

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Sichuan Red Oil Dan Dan Noodles (4 Inches)

Dandan noodles are a famous snack in Sichuan, China
Selected chili oil refined from Dahongpao prickly ash, mellow and rich sesame paste, the taste is spicy and mouth-watering! Use Tainan's unique sun-dried noodles, which are not rotten for a long time and have strong teeth!
Layer-by-layer construction methods, incorporating Mo Su Shi's exclusive secret recipe!
Authentic hemp, spicy, fragrant, worth a try

Vegecian, a vegetarian magician who creates veggie food with happniess!
Start with heart-warming noodle soup.
Focus on the development of various types of vegetarian food
We want to make dishes that make everyone feel happy
We insist on no added bleach and no added animal extracts
We insist on making vegetarian food more delicious.

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正宗麻、辣、香 值得您一試


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